Bronyville Episode 088 – Friendship Slugs Away!

Dear Princess Celestia,
Oh why hello there! That time of the week again? Cha! Well, let me see… ahh! Here it is! This particular weeks podcast is wonderful because Andrew Francis, voice of Shining Armor, Braeburn, and many other voices stopped in! We chatted about his long career as a VA, his roles in pony as well as heroes and villains. And we even have a little puppy chat! And Sandy and I go through our usual fandom news and emails with the assistance of Midnight Shadow – for sure!

Apple Cider

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

Intro – Friendship Forever Mix by ChainAlgorithm on Youtube –

Outro – Song: “Keyoshi”
Artist: Doublecleffthebrony
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9 Responses to Bronyville Episode 088 – Friendship Slugs Away!

  1. AuruM

    Andrew is an extremely cool guy, hope you guys are able to bring him back on in a future episode!

  2. AuruM

    Huh, so apparently Andrew Francis wasn’t the voice of Braeburn we heard in Over a Barrel… Might want to add a clarification/edit this episode’s description

  3. So…. is this the last Bronyville?

    • mbulsht

      Not at all! We are currently experiencing some minor technical difficulties. Episodes should resume their regular schedule this week!

      • Gwesky

        Whew! For a while there, I thought bronyville was over. Good to see it isn’t. Of course, this begs the question: What sort of technical difficulties?

      • Vaahto

        It would be nice if you could make an announcement on the front page in situations like this. It’s been almost 3 weeks since the last episode. I, and a lot of other people I’m sure, have been wondering what’s going on.

  4. Jammo

    Yeah the discord episode aired two weeks ago. We at least deserve an update on the status of the podcast. It’s the uncertainty that bothers us.

  5. Zacsi

    I was holding out for Andrew to say “radical” in some shape or form in his surfer dude voice.

    Nonetheless I was not dissapointed either way. You guys always put together a jolly good show.


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