Bronyville Tabletop Special 4 – Cross of Iron (featuring Pixelkitties)

Mares, gentlecolts, fillies, and colts!

Gather around for another amazing journey with our two restaurateurs! Apple Cider and Chef Sandy are set to enjoy a fantastic voyage and once again are fraught with adventure. How will they deal with his upper crust mare from a competing brew house? Who has Apple Cider quivering in his horseshoes? And can our stalwart friends win a competition when their very lives hang in the balance aboard of floating zeppelin?

Tun in and find out in this 5-hour journey titled – Cross of Iron

Thanks always to Rodger Marsh, gamemaster and creation of the Savage World of My Little Pony tabletop adventure. And also, as always, much love to PixelKitties for taking part.

Apple Cider, Chef Sandy, and Pixel Kitties Official Character Sheets


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2 Responses to Bronyville Tabletop Special 4 – Cross of Iron (featuring Pixelkitties)

  1. That was a great episode.

    My favorite part was the grapple hug. Now that’s a way of loving your foe that I didn’t expect seeing. Very fun, very entertaining, and by Luna very long! But that’s why they are so good, they are like a radio play, and it was awesome.

    I can’t wait to listen to the next one.

  2. Brilliant show, definitely worth the wait. Hope these awesome tabletop specials continue for a long time to come 😀

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