Bronyville Episode 064 – Freundschaft ist Piraten

Geehrt Princess Celestia,
Hallo! Ich lerne Deutsch in dieser Woche! Ich habe nur ein altes Lehrbuch so könnte dies nicht richtig klingen. Diese Woche hat die Galacon Team schloss sich uns für eine wunderbare Zeit. Wir genossen Äpfel und duftende Kerzen zu feiern. Wir reden über Karten und auch Derpy und alle möglichen Dinge über ihre Konvention. Und denken Sie daran, dass der Pinguin über den Kaktus Milch ist!

Apple Cider

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

Intro – Friendship Forever Mix by ChainAlgorithm on Youtube –

Outro – Song: Trixie’s Trix
Artist: Sim Gretina
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  1. HFLolli

    at the start, I only listened because Galacon-Infos. Then I heard Tenkoman’s Voice and was like “where did I hear that Voice before?” After I looked it up on GalaCon’s Website, I was actually proven right: I already heard him in two (now retired) Podcasts where he made an Appearance as (Guest-)Commentator (Hint for him: One was a Megaman-Special, the other Pokémon-centric). cue the fanboy-squee xD
    Other than that the actual episode was great in itself (although as german, some Infos are literally useless for me. But despite that I really loved it! The open Atmosphere between you guys and still being able to seriously deliver everything isn’t something every Podcast manages. Might as well start hearing regularly (including some older episodes)

    • Well.. uhm… thanks.

      The good old NintendoCast by Magnus Kleditzsch and the season one of Bisacast… good times indeed. Nowadays you can only listen to my voice if you search for Ponytime on iTunes.

  2. Thanks for talking about the new Enter-Play FiM trading cards. I worked on those, and Cupcakes, Cheer Song & I are really proud of how they turned out! The locations are some of my favorites. Each pack contains: 1 tattoo card, 4 trading cards and either 1 foil card or 1 standee. You can get them starting 7/17 at Toy Whiz, Target, Hot Topic, Wal-Mart, K Mart, Toys R Us and hobby stores. About the pair cards: With so many awesome characters in the show and a base set of only 84 cards, we had to double up some so nopony got cut. Made for some interesting “pairings”. Don’t read into them too too much (shippers gonna ship!) lol

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