Bronyville Episode 60 – Tabletop Special – Friendship is DOOOOMMM’ED

Dear Princess Celestia,

Sandy and I understand a big many of you are heading on a big big trip so we thought it would be nice to give you ponies something to listen to while you were all so busy. So, our good friend Rodger Marsh of Savage World of MLP was in the studio with Raychu and Chef on the big screen to play some Savage World of MLP version3. Join us for a 4 hour show of poor dicerolls, thievery, and a little acting from yours truly! Please to enjoy~


Apple Cider

PS – NO SHOW NOTES! But go check out the rulebook! 

Intro – MLP FiM Main Theme 8bit RPG Battle by Kil6969 on Youtube ––5A

Outro – Song: Love is in Bloom (Full Bloom Mix)
Artist: OdysseyEurobeat/EurobeatBrony
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6 Responses to Bronyville Episode 60 – Tabletop Special – Friendship is DOOOOMMM’ED

  1. Alexander

    uhh guys it has a major skip point you talk about diamond dogs … but there is no mention of them at all … not trying to be mean or anything or nitpicking i just thought id let you know

  2. Zeeth_Kyrah

    A bit over halfway through.. the time skip wasn’t bad, maybe five minutes or so, but there wasn’t much recap. From context, though, spoilers.

    I understood that a pack of Irish-sounding diamond dogs came out of the sky using a hot-air balloon, landed, and made a deal that appears to be offering a lot of gems in return for assisting their hunt. This is as opposed to the nonspecific “reward” the haughty Dame Burr-under-her-saddle (not really her name) was offering (plus suggestions both spoken and unspoken of pony loyalty to pony nobility).

    So anyway. Nice trap! I suppose that’s one way for the Everfree to retain its “visitors”. I’ll finish listening this afternoon, and learn how everypony escapes, and whether the Beast I Recognized The Instant a Knight Showed Up (before she even said anything) gets caught (and by whom).

    I’ll bet A.C. has to do his yearly brew a little different, though.

    • Zeeth_Kyrah

      Huh. Now that I’ve listened to the whole thing, apparently I was wrong about a couple of things. But at least there was the promised reward!

      And Dame Hauberk to watch out for later…

  3. Goblin Scribe

    Please do more of these! AC and Chef are a really entertaining pair! Paige, too, though I’ve only listened to one episode with her so far.

  4. Jarund

    These tabletop episodes are officially the highlight of the Bronyville podcast for me. I am an avid player of tabletops and have been looking for campaigns of anything to listen to at work (there aren’t any, other than this one). When you post one it makes my entire week 🙂 i just wanted to say how much i enjoy your podcast, thank you for doing such a professional job every week.

  5. I just wanted to say I really enjoyed this particular episode. I’m new to listening to this show but I’m glad I found it and I just wanted to give my thanks.

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