Bronyville Episode 005 – Friendship Building one Block at a Time

Dear Princess Celestia,

Today we had a bunch of friends who joined us to talk about games. And even though Sunshine looked like Justin Bieber and Sweetie Belle 3.5 gives us night terrors, we learned that games they can be pony related, because, ponies are ALWAYS related. Also it seems that shipping Bronies is A-OK. VIVA LE REVOLUTION! Not against you, of course.

Your faithful stud,

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

Intro – Friendship Forever Mix by ChainAlgorithm on Youtube –
Outro – Β At the Gala by EurobeatBrony –


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23 Responses to Bronyville Episode 005 – Friendship Building one Block at a Time

  1. Anthony Meza

    This being not on iTunes yet is hurting me…

    Also, how come the Diamond Dogs Podcast link goes to Equesteria Daily instead?

  2. anonpony

    Bronies, you’ve done it again.
    I’m really looking forward to the next episode!
    Also, you said that these episodes were supposed to be kept from 20 to 40 mins long, or something like that. But I think that these podcasts are getting better and better for every minute, so keep ’em long and keep up the good work! πŸ™‚

  3. Spitty Pie

    You stole my itunes review accent joke! Gotta agree with anon1 we like them long. To Anothony, they are on itunes.

  4. poetzy

    You guys are awesome and im loving the show so far. Just wanted to say im noticing that the the community is fracturing a bit. settling into there favorite sites to hang out and such. the fan projects are amazing and go a long way to holding the community together, but i feel a large scale project for the summer that all bronys could help with despite what there ability’s would go a long way. It would be cool to hear you brainstorm some ideas. I’m currently looking in starting a fund raiser to help Joplin and to get rainbow dash on the nosecone of the blue angles.

  5. a guy

    they did 26 episodes because a season of a show usually has 13 episodes, and 26 tends to be the second most common episode number for a season. thus, both seasons have 26 episodes each (goes to show how productive the creators are).

  6. Noble Cause

    Hey legendary ponies! Had a request of you, since I’ve listened to your other works, and hoping you can get back to me via e-mail. Chef Sandy, Apple Cider, I’d like to include you in a fic I’m submitting to Equestria Daily. Cameos, a few lines, that’s about it. I thought you’d get a kick out of being included, but I thought I’d ask before I wrote word one.

    • AppleCider

      Hey Noble. That’s very awesome and I believe the both of us have given the a-ok to show up in most fics. We just added a Cast page so you can find some refs there.

  7. Noble Cause

    Addendum: If you’d like to discuss fic specifically on a future episode, I’m one of the pre-reading crew for Equestria Daily as well. Just a thought, if you need a third/fourth/nth chair.

  8. how would I be able to get a hold of you guys? I would like to see if I am worthy enough to be on the show!

  9. Dylan

    I was the mismatched email to the Livestream guy.

  10. Paperpony

    I really enjoy your show but 1 thing. Please turn up the overall volume of the podcast. Compared to the other podcasts I listen too, this show is about 70% of the volume. While listening on the computer or in my car, it’s not an issue that much but I can’t listen to it on my portable speakers in the kitchen or shower.

  11. Snookems

    Am I a bad person for taking the challenge to write a shipping story between AppleCider and Chef Sandy? Yes, and I love it.


    This is great fun to listen to, you guys are awesome! Here’s hoping you get Daniel Ingram or some other pony celeb on here in the future!

  13. sarah kinney

    if you want to join a skype for bronies, add me on skype dimplesthewaifu. I will add you too our pony group

  14. E117

    Hey guys guess whos listening to the podcast:!/goldenrusset

    thats right the director of MLP himself. Woa

    • AppleCider

      I know! Sandy and I are doing our best Rainbow Dash after winning the best young flyer competition!

  15. Quill Dipper

    Hey guys, thanks to you I own minecraft.

    If I fall into a spiral of addiction Im blaming you.

  16. Thebes

    Uncensored profanity at 46:20. (not offended, just informing)

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