Bronyville Episode 056 – Friendship goes to the Library!

Dear Princess Celestia,
It’s another one of our fantastic email shows! This time we got Pixelkitties and Midnight Shadow to tag along while Cheffers was away. Super extra double extravagant birthdays, grammar obsessed Twilight Sparkle, and some useful tips on what locations may not be suitable to meet a voice actor. It was a really great time and I’m pretty sure you will have a good one too doing whatever you normally do while podcasting!
Apple Cider

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc:

Intro – Friendship Forever Mix by ChainAlgorithm on Youtube –

Outro – Song: Dear Cadence
Artist: Caine the Doombringer
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13 Responses to Bronyville Episode 056 – Friendship goes to the Library!

  1. In case you didn’t notice, the email from “Spino” was backwards on purpose. Like your backwards april fools’ episode 😛

  2. steeph

    Did you forget to put the link to this research in the show notes? I can’t find it.

  3. Hikargh

    I’m totally on the same page as Midnight Shadow regarding that rant. Though I do think that Season 2 has done a great job keeping itself consistent with itself, there’s a bunch of little things that just requires a bit too much stretch of the imagination to fit into the Season 1-established world.

    There’s suddenly a holiday dedicated to somepony whose name didn’t seem to ring a bell the year before, dragons apparently grow by greed, RD can pull off Rainbooms without breaking a sweat, Granny Smith was among the founders of Ponyville, even though Twilight said in Winter Wrap-Up that the town was founded hundreds of years ago. Of course, all can be explained through the power of over-thinking: Nightmare Moon existed as a legend, greed is not the only way a dragon can grow, RD has been training a whole lot and Earth Ponies can apparently live to be hundreds of years old. Still, putting them all together creates a strange disconnect to the world that Faust created.

    I have a theory about it. Before Discord was once again turned to stone in Return of Harmony, he spread chaos all across the land, bringing about crazy stuff such as up-side-down floating island and roads made of soap, but also subtle (and probably unintentional) changes such as Nightmare Moon’s presence in the public consciousness and the longevity of Earth Ponies. When the Elements of Harmony vanquished the chaos, it ignored those subtle details, because they weren’t necessarily chaotic or harmful. Thus the minor inconsistencies.

    Thinking too hard is fun. Seriously though, I agree with Midnight: they should really take themselves seriously as far as world building goes.

  4. I need to start listening to your shows backwards, so I can get the Weekly Challenge the day of, instead of Saturday or Sunday when I finally finish listening (I listen on my Android phone in the car on my way to/from work over the course of a few days).

    Also, thank you Midnight Shadow, for speaking what needed to be spoken about the season finale. CADANCE DID NOT NEED TO BE AN ALICORN. But on the plus side, now they can market pink princesses to little girls while us bronies get our white Celestias 😀

    Also, funny you should mention Hungry Hungry Hippos in relation to that Battleship movie — Robot Chicken actually did a sketch several years ago where they made board games into movies: Hungry Hungry Hippos, Chutes and Ladders, and Slip N Slide. I’d rather watch any of those than the Battleship movie. Not only that, but now the Battleship games are BASED ON THE MOVIE. So now it’s Battleship: The Movie: The Game. Really, Hasbro?

  5. Oh! I just realized that my email got answered twice with this episode. 🙂 But it was awesome to get ideas from a different set of people. Totally going to check out that achievement list.

    And it looks like I’m headed in the direction of a musical brony, thank you Bronyville for the guidance!

  6. JiiKoo

    Listened to the episode just now, I have to say I totally agree with Midnight on his rant. I’ve been saying these things, too, and I am glad he actually said them on a podcast that does have quite a lot of listeners. Usually when I complain about those things people will basically just say “It’s a little girls’ show”, “I don’t see there was anything wrong” or “lolumad”. And I agree, some of the writers should take the show more seriously.

    Oh, and I totally didn’t know he was a Finn, too! His accent fooled me.

    Anyways, great show.

  7. Peanut Crunch

    I just got through with Midnight Shadow’s rant, and I jut couldn’t go any further in the episode without offering this little correction that I believe makes all the difference in the world:

    Cadance is the Princess of Love

    Yes one of her duties growing up was babysitting, but as you can see by her cutie mark it’s not her primary talent in life. Her primary talent is to fill the world around her with love, making her the pony Eros. Yes Lauren Faust didn’t create the world with a Greek/Roman-styled family of gods but rather a yin-yang diety nor did she make Cadance an alicorn, but given this I would hardly compare this change to something as extreme as construction machinery or video game cabinets.

    • Peanut Crunch

      Just to add: I am aware that Faust has actively denied that she gave anypony the status of diety, but even if that were true at one time, even the show has deviated from that “Show Bible” entry.

  8. netbard

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to comment, that I think Starry Night is right about the whole Nightmare Moon kerfuffle. Here’s the thing – pretend Santa Claus appears right in front of you. Do you think (a) “Holy crap! Santa Claus just appeared right in front of me! He’s gonna give me the toy train I’ve always wanted!” or (b) “Huh. Who’s the joker in the Santa Claus outfit? And, hey, where IS that celebrity who was supposed to be here?”

  9. I feel compelled to write and record a “Personal Small Horse” version of the FiM theme song.

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