Bronyville LIVE: Season 2 Wrap-Up Show

Dear future attendee,

You and any of your significant others, friends, family, pets, pets of pets and friends pets are invited for a double celebration! With the conclusion of MLP:FiM Season 2 and Bronyville Podcast celebrating it’s first full year in production, we decided to welcome the largest and most vocal guest to our show. That would be the entire Brony community! So join us in Saturday, April 28th starting at Noon PST (3 Pm PDT, 7 PM UTC)!


When: Saturday, April 28th starting at Noon PST.

How to call in: VIA Skype – During the show call ‘Bronyville’

Prizes! They include…

  • Copies of the Friendship Express DVD
  • WeLoveFine T-shirt Vouchers
  • Ruckus Reader All Access Subscription ($30 value) (iPad)
  • MLP Toys
  • Bronyville Podcast Buttons
  • Steam Games (Torchlight II preorders, Torchlight, Borderlands GOTY, Garry’s Mod, Lone Survivor, Fireburst)

Donation Drive: A Bronyville Breakfast!

  • Any donations made until May 6th will go towards funding a catered breakfast to the hard working staff at DHX Media making My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The more money we receive the more awesome of a meal the team will receive! A list of all the donators will be sent to DHX thanking them for an awesome 2 seasons with your name printed on the card. Donations can be made on using the donation link on the right side of the screen!


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11 Responses to Bronyville LIVE: Season 2 Wrap-Up Show

  1. Trailblazer

    Out of curiosity, how long will this show be going? I have work that day, but I’d love to still tune in for the end!

  2. Wooooow… I’ve wanted to chat with you guys since episode 3! This is a very cool, and very unnervingly large, event! And it starts at… 4:30 A.M for me… Hmmmm… Maybe I’ll wake up bright and early?

    And the catering for DHX is delightful, guys.

  3. Percy Vee

    Just found out about the wrap-up tomorrow, and we have family plans (Both my son and I’s birthdays are this next week) to be out starting at 1 PM. I’ll get to pop in and Hey via Skype and then have to take off. Ah well. It’ll have to be enough. Here’s hoping I can get at least one little shout out to the awesome AC and Sandy before I have to run.
    This, of course, will be podcast for those of us who miss out, right? Right?

  4. Wait… When does the stream end?

  5. Hikargh

    Sadly, attending this livestream was not an option for me. I do hope it all gets posted as a regular episode, as I’m very much looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Season 2 as a whole.

  6. Sorry if I missed out on the show but I was lucky enough to Chat with AC while he was setting the audio up and such.

    Wish I could’ve been on for the show would’ve love talking with you both and Starry Night who is Awesome by 30%. I could’ve even livestream the show but I guess I would’ve been up at like 7am AEST.

    You guys have the best iTunes Podcast around keep it and also try and catch my Livestream show seeing as we’ll be talking MLP FiM Online MMORPG.

    Lightning Hoof

  7. Graem

    I’m a huge Apple Cider fan. Chef Sandy is OK, too.
    I wasn’t there for the podcast.
    Oh well. Maybe next time!

  8. Solar Tumble

    Yeah, certainly would be great if you could upload it as a normal audio ep on Wednesday, I would of loved to chat with you as well but sadly it wasn’t possible.

    I also donated you $2, hope a small amount such as that helps c:

  9. S_E_F

    I forced time to watch this from start to finish and it was absolutely worth it. Can’t wait until the next one.

  10. Midnight Surf

    …Aww, I only heard the podccast yesterday *sad face*

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