Bronyville Episode 050 – Friendship is Round Numbers

Dear Princess Celestia,
One year has been a very long time. And while we’re going to be rocking this anniversary for all it is worth I do want to thank all of our awesome fans who make all of this so totally worthwhile. Our guest this week? Why, that would be Sherilyn Connelly from SFWeekly! An actual journalist AND fan of the show? She does these awesome My Little Pony Episode writeups! And she made us super jealous by being one of the lucky few with a Season Finale Press kit! So yes, much fun is had as we talk to derp or not to derp, looking back and forward on MLP seasons, and my luxurious Mustache!

Apple Cider

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

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  1. moocow1452

    After going through the podcast, I had to scratch my head to what the best episodes were IMO, and specifically what made them great. After the Community reference, I think I got it nailed down to what I want to see more of in Season 3. The show is at it’s best when lines are drawn between the Mane 6, and they are pushed to emotional extremes to die or fly. Not saying that “Division is Magic,” but some of the hardest hitting episodes are the ones where Fluttershy goes to town on Pinkie Pie and Rarity after becoming Assertive!shy, Twilight flips her lid getting a letter in on time and has to do all the things by herself, Luna is still pretty bitter over Nightmare Moon and having to play the villain in order to get attention, and Discord turning everypony on each other for his own amusement. I would love to see the show take the kids gloves off more often. Be it something as extreme as a direct counter to the forces of Harmony that the Elements can’t one shot and be done with. Or something mundane along the lines of Trixie being overshadowed by Fluttershy as the new animal trainer wunderkind on her circuit and having to deal with her as a roomie, but being thrown into a tailspin by her being so nice, modest AND successful with entertainment.

    Point is, like Community, they can do wacky episode and serious ones, but the best are when they are directly Pony Against Pony, explore their dynamics if different scenarios, and see why they tick the way they do. (If we could have a FiM version of “Remedial Chaos Theory,” that would just make my day as far as interpersonal relationships go.)

    • Funny you should mention “Remedial Chaos Theory” — I actually make a few references to it in my recap of “A Bird in the Hoof.” Obviously the MLP episode isn’t analogous structure-wise, nor is it an ensemble piece, but bad decisions and being in the wrong place at the wrong time still send Fluttershy and Twilight into their own darkest timeline. (As I see it anyway.)

  2. SkyWorthy

    Congrats on 50 episodes!

  3. Will this episode be put up on iTunes

  4. S_E_F

    I feel like season one built the world and season 2 developed the characters, then the logical place to go would be into bigger story telling.

    I also think that while Rarity and Rainbow Dash have the least developed friendship, the relationship between Applejack and Pinkie Pie is merely one of love and tolerance.

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