Bronyville Episode 044 – Friendship New and Old

Dear Princess Celestia,
Yay! Sandy is back! I get a little crazy without Sandy because he keeps me from being, as he says, the ‘Bad Idea Pony’. That’s fine really because he’s a happy guy once you get past all the sighs and grumbles. Anyway, we made a show! And Rayechu was on with us and she knows a ton about all those other Gs before this one. Se we talk about colorful pastel ponies! I know – how novel!
Apple Cider

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

Rayechu’s blog: – All the Pretty Ponies

Intro – Friendship Forever Mix by ChainAlgorithm on Youtube –

Outro – Ponykart SSA Theme
Artist: makkon06
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14 Responses to Bronyville Episode 044 – Friendship New and Old

  1. King_Cheetah

    “Stupid but dumb” is my new catchphrase and I’ll use it DAILY!

  2. Hikargh

    The whole G2/G1 thing confuses me to no end! I understand the reasoning that since MLP Tales was a part of the G1 toy line, it should be considered part of G1, but my brain has a hard time accepting that a show with completely different characters, a completely different settings with a completely different theme and focus should be classified with its predecessor. The way I see it, as far as the TV shows go, Tales is very much G2, since the toyline G2 doesn’t have a show on its own to claim that title.

  3. Austin

    i actually made it into the ponycart update vid 🙂 -aman692, about 40 seconds in or something-

  4. Just got my buttons, thanks so much guys! ^^

  5. hyreia

    I can’t believe I missed the “minotaur in a maze” reference!

    In exchange, another reference from this episode: after Fluttershy sees her reflection in the puddle and realizes she’s a monster on the walk back to her cottage the music is pretty much identical to The Incredible Hulk TV series ending song “The Lonely Man”.

  6. hyreia

    D’oh. The moment I submit this I get to the fan letter. I’ll listen to the whole thing next time first.

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  8. Jordan

    I second what Hikargh said! The G2 cartoon should totally be called “G2”, just because it’s so different and we need some distinction.

  9. S_E_F

    My grandfather has a tie for every day of the year, including the complete Looney Toons collection.

  10. NightStarX

    Regarding the Derpy situation: All I have to say about it, is that I’m still extremely disappointed that Amy Keating Rogers knee-jerked over being misinformed about the meaning of “Derpy”. It doesn’t have a meaning, and certainly not the one she was led to think it was. Derpy does not mean “retarded” and it never has been. It’s not even an officially legitimate dictionary word, and it only technically means silly, or goofy and is a nondescript, goofy sounding general made-up word only. I still don’t think it actually warranted any censorship, should never have been done, and I think Rogers completely overreacted and went down the perfectly wrong route to go down.

    • NightStarX

      That’s literally all I’ve got to say about it, though. Without getting into the fan reaction or the Hasbro reaction, that’s just my reaction. If anyone thinks “Derp” means “retard” it’s because they are misinformed about what a made-up meaningless word means. Putting meaning in words that don’t carry a specific meaning. A sad situation, that just should never have happened or gone down this way. :/

      • Zeeth_Kyrah

        Yeah, what’s up with words having meaning? I mean, why does language have to work that way? Can’t we just scubble all the gooblilblub we want and everyone will understand what we klrb? Context is important; in the previous sentence, the nonsensical words have meanings which can be discerned.

        Go look at — I don’t see those images and macros as harmless. They are making fun of people. Go look the word up. Just because it’s not in an “official” dictionary doesn’t mean the word is false or nonexistent. The whole purpose of the Urban Dictionary (for example) is to explain meanings that aren’t in conventional dictionaries. Just because a few people troll there doesn’t make the whole thing fake. Go look up the actual job called “linguistic anthropologist”. They track language and meaning both old and new as a way of tracking culture and human behavior.

        And it’s old behavior to make up new words to describe people with disabilities in a rude or mocking way, as well as to not understand why some of these sometimes-obscure words are hurtful. Privilege works that way; it buffers you to the hurt you cause, because you aren’t the one being hurt by the things you say or do.

        Just because your favorite fictional character has that word in her commonly-agreed-on name doesn’t make it a good word, no matter how good you feel about that character.

        But I’ll still call her Derpy Hooves, because most people wouldn’t know who I was talking about if I called her anything else.

    • Peanut Crunch

      I don’t want to muddy up the situation as everything said about the meaning not really mattering is true, but one of the first things she was called was “a retard pony in the back.”

      I believe Dr. Foreigner already came up with the name before pointing her out, but it’s still worth noting.

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