Bronyville Episode 042 – Friendship in Meatspace

Dear Princess Celestia,
What a whirlwind week! First Sandykins come all the way over to Califoalia to attend Animation on Display and then we proceed to record a full episode with our friend Eurobeat Brony. Much shenanigans about message boards, Tara the Twitter troll, and cupcakes both good and not-so-good abound. And, special announcements about a super-de-duper Extra episode later this week as well! Huzzah!

Apple Cider

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

Intro – Friendship Forever Mix by ChainAlgorithm on Youtube –

Outro – Song: Discord (EuroChaos Mix)
Artist: Eurobeat Brony
Linky linky:


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8 Responses to Bronyville Episode 042 – Friendship in Meatspace

  1. West Meadow

    Hey guys.

    Hooves up to another great episode. Would be cool if you guys broke down the MLP episode of the week down a bit more. I know Everfree do this already but it would be cool to hear some of your more in-depth opinions.

    Looking forward to the special, though. Also, congrats on your 42nd episode. 10 more till the anniversary, amirite? I’m looking forward to a several hour long podcast * tongue-face*

  2. That episode was buckets of fun guys. Anytimes Chef and AC went “We are in the same room together!” I found it funny but also heartwarming. It is cool to have your internet friends with you in the same room, it warms my heart to hear you guys having so much fun <3

    Also, did you see that Tara Strong tweeted another "saucy" Twilight Sparkle picture? I admire her, she's awesome and ballsy. The keyword to the picture is "bikini".

  3. S_E_F

    I second the episodes in depth, but I’m fine either way. Tara Strong is such a troll on twitter, it’s actually a bit awesome.

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  5. Shane

    Yeah, episode breakdown could use more meat. But the podcast is awesome and incredible nonetheless.

  6. Awesome show, guys!

    I’m a freelance artist who also works on commission, and I have a very simple answer for your one Email regarding the guy being hired to draw others’ MLP characters.

    Quite simply: the artist isn’t the one infringing upon the copyright, the commissioner is.

    To elaborate…The artist cannot be reprimanded in this case, as they’re simply being hired for their time and skill. The commissioner can be reprimanded, though, but that’s only depending upon how the commissioner utilizes the final product. If they use the image for their website, limited edition prints at conventions, and/or small distribution ventures, they wouldn’t be making enough money to be worth hiring the legal team. The high pricetag of lawsuits is the greatest protective measure fan artists have.

    However, if the commissioner makes a huge amount of money, particularly enough money where suing them would accrue a greater settlement than hiring a legal team (which is a lot), then they’re in trouble. But still, the commissioner is liable at this point, not the artist he hires to make the content he sells.

  7. Rainbow Coronus

    I am that 15 year old kid. No one will believe me but at least I know who I am, thanks for mentioning me guys ^^

  8. Zeeth_Kyrah

    So there was a super-de-duper extra episode somewhere?

    I guess I’ll keep checking back.

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