Bronyville Episode 041 – Friendship is my Shmoopy-Doopy Sweedy-Weedy Pony Pie!

Dear Princess Celestia,
I just wanted to tell my sweetie-weedy puddin’ cup Starry that she is the bestest unicorn in all of Equestria and makes up for all the crazy/silly things a stallion does because he’s a little silly and a lot crazy! Anyway, we had members of Pony in a Box productions on to make silly voices and talk some pony love for us this week. So many silly voices

Apple Cider

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

Intro – Friendship Forever Mix by ChainAlgorithm on Youtube –

Outro – Song: : Love Me Cheerilee
Artist: Wooden Toaster and Living Tombstone
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14 Responses to Bronyville Episode 041 – Friendship is my Shmoopy-Doopy Sweedy-Weedy Pony Pie!

  1. I usually don’t feel the need to comment because I wouldn’t have much else to say aside from utterly loving the work you do with this show, listening to it every week, et cetera. Nothing the hundred other emails aren’t saying.

    However, this time I could not finish listening.
    Squeeky’s squirrel voice really, REALLY started grating my nerves + I couldn’t even make sense of most of what he said. Sound effect voices are cool for jokes, not radio shows. Please let this be the only time.

    (Doesn’t help that I already have an innate hate towards just about anything done in chipmunk voice, granted.)

    Looking forward to next week with hopefully less ear-grating sound effect voicework.

    • AppleCider

      Hey Fox,
      Squeek stated that he was having some audio issues which made him sound like that. It’s very possible he was using some voice filter but in any case this is what we were given to work with this week. I’m sorry you were annoyed by it and hope it overall doesn’t sour you on the show. still, I stand by this as a fine episode overall.

      • I’m with Fox on this one. The squeaky voice was very annoying and I couldn’t understand a word he said the whole show. Nothing personal toward Squeak or anything, the chipmunk voice just didn’t fly with me. I ended up fast-forwarding through most of the show to get to the episode discussion.

        Also sorry to hear that the Cupcakes story has done some serious damage, turning a potential brony against the show and fandom like that. Hopefully he will realize that not every fan fiction is like Cupcakes and neither is the show, and give it a second chance.

        Audio issues aside, keep up the amazing work, you two put so much into this show it’s incredible.

      • Zeeth_Kyrah

        That voice filter was… okay. I think it shouldn’t have been pushed to such a high compression. Maybe a third of an octave above his normal voice would have been fine, but the higher you go, the harder it is to understand someone. Basically, to prevent TalkingLikePinkiePieOnAFrostingBingeWhileDrinkingRedBullWithJoltChasers (what you get when you play an audio tape while it’s fast-forwarding), modern voice-frequency toys slice the audio into ~1/10 second clips, then speed the separate slices up to increase the audio frequency, and leave no sound at all between the sped-up (and thus shorter) blips of sound, which is what creates the buzzing effect. The higher-end versions add a bit of smoothing between the blips, which doesn’t improve the quality much but does reduce the buzz. When Squeak talked slower, he was a lot more understandable, even though his voice was still extremely high-pitched.

  2. Morning everypony,
    Listening to episode 41 right now, so far it sounds hilarious. However, one minor tech thing, could you please link to the appropriate show notes for us literary types? Right now show notes for this episode is pointing to episode 40 still.

    Thanks for your attention.

  3. Excelhedge

    Silly Ponies need thier morning cupcakes, THey link the show notes to last week’s episode

  4. S_E_F

    The voice is very funny, but hard to understand sometimes.

  5. Hikargh

    Maybe I’m a minority in this, but it kind of puts me in a bind whenever you start discussing future episodes, as I’m one of those people who is trying to avoid spoilers at any cost. Usually when I hear you say something like “And next week we got…” I throw off the head-phones as fast as I can, keep them off for a minute or so and check in now and then.

    Anyway, great show as usually. Bronyville is always something to look forward to every week, almost as much as the episodes themselves.

  6. Austin

    jelly ponies name is hue jelly

  7. Hunter

    the only thing my texas teacher said is Secede :O

  8. At times it feels like you guys are trying to hold the water back into a ship that is sinking, and hearing that in the podcast, hearing the frustration in your voices kills me. I’ve been hearing it for quite a while.

    It seems this is the first episode in a long run where you guys were enjoying the fun of making the podcast and talking about the comunity. We should work together to keep that happening.

  9. Spekkio

    After listening to this episode today, I feel obliged to provide a correction about copyright issues. I would strongly recommend that you consider talking about this on a future podcast to save everyone a lot of trouble and confusion. (If you just want to treat this as a letter and read it “on the air,” by all means, go ahead.)

    Disclaimer: I am a librarian, not a lawyer. Librarians have to be somewhat versed in copyright law nowadays, but I’m not an expert.

    Ms. Lauren Goodnight is incorrect about copyright issues. If you create material based on someone else’s intellectual property and distribute it without charging, that does not make it Creative Commons. Creative Commons is a license system devised by Lawrence Lessig to make it easier for creative people to share work.

    Legally speaking, the minute you create something, it is copyrighted to you. The second I finish this text, it is copyrighted to me (unless your site requires that I hand the copyright over to you in exchange for using it).

    Let’s use a simpler example. Let’s say, for example, that I draw a stick figure on a piece of paper. Once the picture is finished, it is copyrighted to me. I can (if I wish) release it to the public domain – in which case I give up all rights to it whatsoever in perpetuity. Or I can put it under a Creative Commons license so that other people can share it, as long as they give me credit. (There are multiple permutations of the CC license – please check out their site.)

    So what happens if I drew a picture of Twilight Sparkle? (As if I could draw, but that’s another matter.) Once it’s done, it is mine. It is copyright 2012 to Spekkio (my pseudonym). How does that work, when Twilight Sparkle is copyrighted and trademarked by Hasbro?

    What Ms. Goodnight might have been thinking about is the legal concept of fair use or fair dealing. Basically, under the law (in many parts of the world, anyway), I am allowed to draw a picture of Twilight Sparkle. I am not allowed to profit from it. If I sell my picture, I lose the fair use exemption and Hasbro will have grounds to sue. And if Hasbro sues me, they will probably win on the merits of the case, not just because I can’t afford a legal team.

    Will Hasbro sue fans that are using their IP? Maybe, maybe not. Hasbro has historically tried to give fans of its properties a little leeway with their intellectual property. Let’s be honest: suing your fans makes for bad PR. Fans that are creating stuff are essentially providing Hasbro with free advertising, too. And if all that weren’t enough – in my experience, I think Hasbro genuinely likes and appreciates its fans. Some of their employees are genuinely fans of their properties – hence the great care they take in their work. But if you cross the line, they will sue. That’s not Hasbro being an evil corporation – under the law (as I understand it), if you don’t defend your intellectual property (particularly your trademarks) you can lose it. (The ultimate corporate nightmare: losing your trademark because your brand name becomes a generic term. See, for example, Kleenex. LEGO is fighting hard to keep their name from becoming the generic term for building blocks.)

    It is my advice (as your friendly neighborhood librarian) that when you create something related to My Little Pony™, you put a notice on or in it somewhere (even if it’s in the metadata). In that notice, make it explicit whether you are keeping the copyright, releasing it to the public domain, or using a Creative Commons license. And more importantly, make it explicit that My Little Pony™ and all associated content belongs to Hasbro. If you are not selling anything, you can add that you are exercising your fair use/fair dealing rights. (Of course, the other option is to talk to Hasbro about getting an official license….)

    I hope this is helpful. And again, I would strongly urge you to get the word out on this. It’s very, very important.

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