Bronyville Extras: Lunch with ATC and Neighslayer

Greetings everypony! Wrapping up some of the extra content we collected over the break over at Bronycon. This weeks Extra features a little segment with Suzannah of the Animated Things Club podcast. Inside we explain our take on this crazy fandom over a wheel of cheese and some hearty soup! And it’s a two-parter too! Go over there and listen as they do their best to explain us bronies.
Then, our very own Mbulsht has a little interview with the cast of Neighslayer. The hardest rock back in all of Equestria and headliners at Bronycon return for a quick chat with M over the con, music, and with several colorful words playfully obscured for your sensitive ears!

Break song is Sound Issues featuring Daniel Ingram by  Evan McArdle –


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3 Responses to Bronyville Extras: Lunch with ATC and Neighslayer

  1. S_E_F

    I do love extras, will you do tabletop gaming again?
    “Q: Is your last name pronounced F-ah-st or F-ow-st?

    F-ow-st. Like, ‘how now brown fowst.'”
    -from the FAQ on her deviantart page

  2. Kvb

    Love this extra. Very interesting analysis of where we stand right now as a fandom.

  3. Tears of a Valedictorian

    Great interview, reminded me of a lot of the great things about this community.

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