Bronyville Special: Bronycon Winter 2012

Dear Princess Celestia,
Over this last weekend we met some very nice people. We had Nicole Oliver, Ashleigh Ball, and Andrea Libman. These three do these really amazing voices and I swear one of them sounded just like you! Neat huh? Then, we had this music guy Daniel Ingram on and he made some really awesome songs and smiled a lot. Anyway, that’s all this week. Hope to see you someday.
Apple Cider
PS – An HD version is included on the main post at for those who want all the HD glory. If you use this audio I only ask you please referance and give a link to our podcast.
PPS – The last segment of the song to daniel was cut because of technical issues with the microphones. We appoliogize.

Break song is The Mysterious Mare-do-Well by OmniPony –


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  1. Graem

    Yay! It’s not even 00:00 on Wednesday yet for me!
    Now for something more serious: I must have received the wrong impression from EqD regarding the Bronyville HD coverage. I thought there would be HD video, too. Just audio here. Is that on the way or did they derp in the explanation?

    I’m referring to when Sethisto wrote, “The image quality is a bit low, but all you need is the audio anyway! Check it out after the break!

    Update: If you want to wait for HD, Bronyville will be tossing it up on their page this Wednesday with the new episode!” Since he was referring to a video, I figured you guys had one, too. True/false?

  2. Mid Boss

    Just finished up listening to the interviews (for the second time), and before I closed out the tab I noticed a funny little deal with the url.
    I’ll let you see it too…

  3. Jordan

    So, you guys got HD audio and Everfree Radio got the HD video? And when only listening, how is the HD audio different from the SD audio file? Will they both sound the same on my MP3 player? Is one more megabytes than the other?

    • AppleCider

      The SD is a more compressed version. For 99% of you out there it should work perfectly fine. If you really want the true sound coming off the microphones and wish to use any of the audio for any other purposes then I suggest using the HD audio.

  4. moocow

    Just couldn’t get Nicole to say, “You’re a pony who likes Bananas?”

  5. Checked the HD version, and it downloaded fairly good! Of course, I have awesome internets, so I rocked that version in ten minutes.

    Besides that, the whole interview was wonderful, and full of Crowning Moments of Awesome.
    – Andrea Libman’s “Really?” response.
    – Nicole Oliver hugging the fan.
    – The Humble Brony Bundle and all the donation sites we have raided for amazing amounts of money.

    This fandom is awesome, and you guys did a great job moderating the questions, and the whole interview. If you go for BroNYCon June, you should be taking care of interviewing Lauren Faust. That’ll be quite something to add to your resume and tell your grandchildren.

  6. Curt

    Are you going to post your Panel you had at 10 am? I was upset that I missed it! (I was stuck on the admission line)

  7. Aaron

    This is amazing!
    You guys did a great job of asking questions, talking to voice actors and Daniel Ingram. Seriously wish I there. Hope to see you guys next time! Keep up the good fantastic work 🙂

  8. West Meadow

    This cast gave me a big goofy smile. Glad to see the VAs appreciate and approve our fandom, and the crowd seemed generally well behaved. Nicole Olivier seems like such a nice pony and I really appreciate her attitude.

  9. Graem

    Huh. Looks like there won’t be an episode review this week.

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