Bronyville Episode 033 – Friendship Shall Rise Again

Dear Princess Celestia,
I would like to petition you make more hours in the day. Also if I could get by without all this sleep I’d totally have time to hang out with your sister more. No, totally platonic – Starry would murder me. Anyway, IBringDaLulz and Mic the Microphone showed up on our show this week. They are pony rappers you know. And they are good and Mic is very, very random. But we talk some Rarity, we have TWO original songs during the show, and you all can enjoy a very oatmeal episode.

Apple Cider

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

Intro – Friendship Forever Mix by ChainAlgorithm on Youtube –

Outro – Baby got Flank by IBringDaLulz –


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16 Responses to Bronyville Episode 033 – Friendship Shall Rise Again

  1. QuillDipper

    Mic is my favorote artst, pony or not. I cant wait to hear

  2. Oh my, this episode just make me feel a wee bit more uncomfortable… NOT! 😀 Anyway, great show as usual guys.

    No more uncomfortable my back and disturbed sleeping pattern making me feel already. And pardon my jibber and jabbering.
    – Rocko –

  3. Rasrap Smurf

    Holy moly this episode had me in stitches.

  4. Drazla

    The crazyness knows no limits!

  5. mbulsht

    I would just like to say that it was an absolute joy to edit and mix this show. I haven’t laughed so hard at an audio file in months. Even if I had to stay up extra late editing out all of the times AC bumped his microphone making sure everything sounded just right. Cheers on an excellent episode this week, you guys.

  6. Okay, wow. This, I think, is my favourite Bronyville episode so far. Hell, I almost like it as much as the stream, and that gets more points by proxy of having a run time of over 6 stand alone episodes!

    Mic and Lulz just brought so much… Eccentricity! They were so much FUN! I Bring The Cider is now the best ship, by the way. And live raps from Mic… Bloody brilliant!

  7. Gotta say, this is your “Sonic Rainboom” tier episode, the episode that I will point to when trying to convince others to jump on.

    Mike, you are an absolute riot, a freaking behemoth of epicness, a fire-spewing monster-truck of heroism that makes me so damn proud to be able to associate with the likes of you through this insane fandom. I believe we’ve crossed paths a few times in the past via the Slugbox Livestreams, but brace yourself for the next time I see you in there because I’ve gotta whole lotta ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE ready to fire.

  8. Korby

    Un-yayed s-bomb at 13:51. Made me rewind it just to make sure I really heard it.

  9. Ashley

    Why isn’t this posted on iTunes? How can I listen at work?

  10. liedt

    So I said, “Oatmeal, are you crazy?”

  11. That Awesome RAP by Mic the Mic just made this the best episode you guys have ever done.

    And I’m not even into RAP! Awesome episode Chef and AC, keep up the good work! And Merry Christmas XD

  12. I just had to say I laughed heartily at this one. That “My Little Redneck” ditty was brilliant.

  13. Starry, please get over your apprehension get onto a headset if you want to talk on the show. You sound horrible while yelling over AC’s shoulder. But you sounded great in the rare moments that you took AC’s mic and used it properly. I hope you stop being in the background and STEP UP. Thank you.

    This is also now my most favorite episode.

  14. Steve the Tramp

    Mike sounds so much like crispin freeman it’s scary

  15. Just wanted to say that “Got a Fluttershy” is wonderful, and really communicates what I love about this show–the enthusiasm and unabashed happiness Chef and Cider share with their audience. I think those same qualities really come through in this episode, from the guests as well as the hosts. Thanks for putting this out there. Keep calm and rock rock on.

  16. Michelle

    EGADS, I LOVE Mater!! +D How is he not adorably hilarious?!
    And how could I possibly have missed the Salvador Dali thing? One of my favorite artists AND paintings, there.
    My Little Redneck had me LOLing!

    I’m a furry brony, and know some others…it seems like a pretty natural fandom for furs, and especially now that it’s so inescapable and “unignorable.” Everywhere you turn, there are ponies, and the fandom is largely composed of folks who probably never even could’ve imagined becoming this obsessed with cartoon ponies. There are those in every segment with whom you’d probably rather not associate, but luckily, they’re not like rotten apples, and don’t spoil the whole bunch. I’ve met far more sweet, friendly, intelligent, fun, and totally cool furries than creepy, troublingly immature, irritating ones.

    I may have to join the New Jersey brony club and see whether I can find any more fellows in my area. I keep wearing my shirt as bait, but so far I know only my one brony friend. A few other friends are aware of the show and regard it positively, but alas, they’re not *into* it yet.

    P.S. Fluttershy SO CANNOT BE WORST PONY. ;____; Imagine if she were a person…how could one ever resist hugging and loving and protecting said person for all eternity?!? GOOD CELESTIA. @_@

    But with regard to whom is best pony…it’s true. Everypony is best pony. I love how we all have our favorites and ranks of the mane cast, secondary and “background” characters, etc., but all of us are united by the sheer love of ponies…and MOST can agree that each pony deserves love, appreciation, recognition, and respect.

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