“Quotes From the Fandom” will be taking a short break


Hey, all! It’s been an absolute joy delving in to the deepest recesses of the fandom and pulling little gems of writing out for you guys, but like many fun and fulfilling things in life, it becomes hard to consistently maintain. And at this point, I’m afraid I’ve caught up to my buffer of cool quotes for the time being. What with this being finals month at my university, I’ve had less time to visit Ponychan and read fanfiction. And, much to my dismay, it seems I dun goofed and run out of quotes! So for a couple weeks, my “Quotes” series of articles will be taking a small hiatus to give me some time to build back up that buffer and have enough time to post these compilations for all you awesome BronyVille fans.

And always remember, if you find any cool captivating quotes, any perfect pieces of poetry, super and splended songs, or fun fantastic fanfiction quotes, send them straight to me at bronyvillequotes@yahoo.com!

See y’all on the other side,

-Ben Sims


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5 Responses to “Quotes From the Fandom” will be taking a short break

  1. Quater Hoof

    I’m sure we all understand, all the best with university!

  2. Good luck with finals and remember to drink plenty of orange juice! It’s the only way I was ever able to avoid getting horribly sick and miserable for my post-finals breaks!

  3. excelhedge

    We understand take care

    Geez ya scared me a bit makeing me the show was going on hiatus

  4. buzzlightyearsu

    Aw man. That’s alright. Good luck!
    I’ve got finals too. We’ll power through them.

    Can’t wait to have you back! (But when you’re ready, of course.)

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