Bronyville Episode 032 – Friendship Hits Where It Hurts

Dear Princess Celestia,
This current missive will reach you once my sleep deprivation has kicked into full force and creativity is now reduced to pretending I can actually read what I am writing. Chef and I had those Beatle Bronies on. We talked about the episode and Chef kinda turned into the whipping pony. I was half responsible. Some other stuff happened too.

Apple Cider

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc

Intro – Friendship Forever Mix by ChainAlgorithm on Youtube –

Outro – Little Octavia from the Beatle Bronies –


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12 Responses to Bronyville Episode 032 – Friendship Hits Where It Hurts

  1. Chirpy Nights


    Thanks for reading my email on your show. It really didn’t sound that stupid when I was typing it.
    Sorry :S

  2. Nergy

    You guys were a bit hard on the latest episode.

    You started saying you thought it was “meh” but then went onto list cool things from the episode. It was a really fun episode, in my opinion.

  3. MicroChip

    Ouch!…that Rainbow hatting E-mail.
    That E-mail almost killed me.
    Time to cheer myself up by watching All RD Episodes!

  4. Psssst! That awesome Nightmare Moon design was not approved by Hasbro. They felt it looked too much like a real horse. ;_; we all wanted it too. I triple dog dare the artist to redo it more on model. 😀

  5. VoidKat

    Was actually surprised that Apple Cider was able to pronounce my last name correctly. even thought it was on the second pronouncing. (Steven Keienburg)

  6. Rainbow Melody (Spaz)

    Im SO late when it comes to listening to these…….you should a place with all the summarys….

  7. Big Teddy

    that rainbow dash was assaion was hilarious lol i love this podcast.

  8. Chromadancer

    So we’re reading anti-Dash hate mail on the podcast now? Really, AC?

  9. Michelle

    Listened a little late, but…
    Poor Scootaloo…;_; She’s my favorite CMC, why must she be thus tormented…? Do want moar Scootalove. :3
    Great show, though. Very interesting. I have extensively pondered most of these topics mehself.

    Except that Rainbow Dash is my personal best pony. 😛 Grrraaaaahhhh…!!! I love that everyone has different favorites, but I do not like Dash bashing, or bashing of ANpony, with maybe a few exceptions. (Diamond Tiara comes to mind, for example…) But I’d love to be friends with Rainbow, especially when you get past her self-absorption. Everypony is flawed (which in fact is one of their strengths as characters, making them believable), but she is fundamentally a steadfast and desirable friend. Witness her defense of filly Fluttershy; even at such a young age, she was a good egg who’d go out of her way to help somepony who was being abused.
    Not that I loved or agreed with everything she said or did in her latest two episodes, although I absolutely adored them overall. I definitely identify with Dash’s strengths *and* weaknesses, and think she’s a fantastic character.

    I thought the “Mare Do Well is all of the other ponies” twist was as brilliant as the “Rarity won the Sisterhooves race”–which I should have realized because, BLUE EYES!! :0 And I wasn’t sure which impressed me more there: Rarity’s surprising skills and display of speed, determination, and athleticism, or Applejack’s lung capacity…
    Anyway, the costume definitely is reminiscent of Darkwing Duck. :33 Man, there’s nothing awesome to which ponies can’t relate…

    I find Snips and Snails rather lovable and amusing, too. And Blueblood is the type of stallion you love to hate! 😀

  10. West Meadow

    A funny episode all round, but poor Chef Sandy. Chef-abuse all episode long. RD is my favourite pony, but I still found this very amusing. Loving the cast so far, keep on ponying!

  11. SlyWit

    Oh wow! Awesome! Thanks for the mention! I’m quite honored by being mentioned as your favorite fanfic, knowing how many you have read.

    I know it’s been a long time since I’ve updated (I was on “hiatus” for a really busy semester, unable to listen or write), but I’m back now and the next update is being worked on.

    And I agree with your guest. 12 and Traveler are awesome. Traveler is my current favorite fic.

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