Bronyville Episode 029 – Friendship Messes With Your Fanon!

Dear Princess Celestia,
I am writing to air a grievance that your company has committed. I purchased one episode of Bronyville featuring Apple Cider, Chef Sandy, and guest Dan Vincent . Chef was called a name which is not part of the accepted Chef Sandy fanon. Though the discussion of the Wall Street Journal and Bronycon news, the emails, and the discussion on the Sisterhooves episode were all inspired, we who hold the Chef Sandy canon so fear cannot stand to see these terrible changes made. We request, nay, demand that immediate changes are made to undo what was wrong in the name of our beloved host Chef Sandy.

Not Apple Cider

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

Intro – Friendship Forever Mix by ChainAlgorithm on Youtube –

Outro – Beyond her Garden (Living Tombstone Mix) by LivingTombstone –


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12 Responses to Bronyville Episode 029 – Friendship Messes With Your Fanon!

  1. Thanks for having me on the show, guys! It was a blast. Keep up the good work!

  2. Drazla

    Episode! Yeah!

    And now to think about names for APPLE CIDER instead… *evil laugh*

  3. Zeeth_Kyrah

    Jack Cider? Yeah, he’s fine as long as he keeps ‘is cool just so, but if ‘e gets too ‘ot or cold, you watch yourself. That pony’s got a kick to ‘im, ‘e does.

  4. Oh hey, there’s a comment box here. Sweet!
    I’m only about half-way through the podcast right now. Was listening in the car on the way to/from classes. I really did Kefkafloyd’s idea of not being creepy / not being a jerk. I should apply that to my behavior more often on sites that will be frequently accessed in public.


  5. Great broadcast as usual gents. I met Mr. Beagle during this year’s Anthrocon. It was such a great honour to met the great one in person and get to chat with him. BTW, you guys should see this

  6. filledwithsolutions

    Bullet Points!

    ¤Song Count
    *Season 1
    ‡By episode 5 we had 3 songs with the fourth coming in episode 7

    *Incidental Unicorn 2 is best Incidental Unicorn
    ‡I imagine it was mostly for comic effect, but I didnt see any of the nerd rage you were talking about regarding the blindbag names EXCEPT for people raging at the mlp wiki. Where the situation is hilarious and sad and nerd rage inducing. Outside of that I saw no animosity towards hasbro or the show over the names. I like the names and understand that they arent going to give the characters our names. Its not all about us, but these toys inparticular wouldnt exist without the fanon around them.
    *You guys do see the irony in mocking fanon in the same sentence as talking about Derpy Hooves, right?

    ¤Chef Sandy names
    *This is tougher than I thought
    ‡Hugh Chefner
    ‡Chef Sand-r-dee
    §Those arent very good 🙁

    So lets see how this looks posted

  7. Another fun filled episode folks. Congratulations must go out to both Cider and Chef for being named as a GoH or Guest of Honor at the upcoming Brony Convention being hosted by Purple Tinker in New York. Seems we have some growing celebricy out of y’all, glad I was able to watch it evolve from these past many months.

    Sandy, please in the name of Celestia, please try to stop Cider from writing a song and singing it on the podcast about going to the Con. Mblsht, you have the power to delete it if it happens, right?

    • mbulsht

      Oh I do, Liedt, I do….

      But the real question is…. why would I delete something that horrendously embarrassing? Oh, I might cut it out of the episode, yes, but I can’t guarantee I won’t have it saved to my hard drive. Then possibly run through a vocoder, autotuned, added to a beat, and sent to all of my audio engineering friends to mess with and post on youtube.

      ……I mean, what?

  8. Purple Haze

    Mr. Cheferson… surprised…to see me?

  9. First time listening, long time pony drawer. <3 Love you guys, and so happy I get to draw ponies for myself as well as all the fans daily. woohoo!

  10. Lil Pegasis

    I’m so happy to see that the phrase “pegasis” or “pegasister” are growing.
    coz I’m no bro :3

  11. Rainbow Dash Lover

    are there any brony’s near or in Kenosha Wisconsin

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