Some Moving Words for Halloween

By rights, this little entry of mine should be posted next Monday, as part of my weekly “Quotes” series, but it was addressed to us on Ponychan for this particular day. As it was anonymously posted, I cannot speak to its validity. But in spite of that, I would like to share it with you anyway, as it is well written, and a very moving story. Here are the words of an anonymous poster on Ponychan.


“I have a sad but heartwarming story of friendship and magic, bronies…

Every so often, I volunteer in my city’s Children’s Hospital and provide some youthful fun to the young kids there. A while ago, I developed a good friendship with this ten year old girl named Sarah. She’s simply adorable, but she was fighting cancer. She’s a First Nations girl, and her parents gave her up, essentially not wanting to deal with her intensive care. When she hasn’t been in the hospital, she’s been in an orphanage. I came to be something of a big brother to her, and she was another little sister to me. We’d tell each other jokes, play games, and talk about what happened that day.

One day, I asked her if she could keep a very important secret. She eagerly said “Of course!” I told her I was a brony. She laughed so hard, people in the wing turned to look at us and ask what was so funny. True to her word, she replied with the usual “nothing”. She told me she had never seen the show and couldn’t understand how I, a guy twice her age, could like a girl’s show. So I did the only thing I could think of; bring my laptop to the hospital and watch My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic with her.

We watched all the episodes together, and discussed our favourite ponies. I couldn’t help but be rather somber when she told who her favourite was. Sarah’s favourite pony is Pinkie Pie, and let me tell you why. Sarah told me that Pinkie Pie was her favourite because she helped her face her fear of dying. Pinkie taught her to laugh when she was afraid or sad, and to always keep your chin up when you’re feeling down. It was her birthday about a month ago, so I bought her a Pinkie Pie pony from Toys ‘R Us (I got so many weird looks in the store). She was feeling really sick that day (from chemo), but her face lit up when she opened the box to see a brand new Pinkie Pie. Her Pinkie Pie, to help keep her safe and happy. She told me it was the best gift she had ever gotten in her entire life.

The last time I saw her was six days ago, just a few days before my birthday. She had been getting worse with each month, but she was always happy to get a visit from me. This time was different. She was hooked up to more equipment that usual, and couldn’t even sit up. She gave me an early birthday card, which had a hand drawn Fluttershy inside. She also gave me a balloon she had received from an orderly. I asked her how she and Pinkie Pie were doing and she just smiled weakly at me and said that they were doing great, even though she knew she was getting worse. I told her I would come visit her on Monday for Halloween and give her some candy if she could stomach it. She smiled again, and said she looked forward to seeing all the costumes around the hospital.

I got a call today that I knew would come, but had always dreaded. Sarah had passed away. When I got off work, I just sorta stumbled around in a daze, got on the bus to the hospital, and practically sleepwalked into the hospital. I finally came to Sarah’s room, which was now empty. No more Sarah. The bed had been made, and most of the medical equipment moved. I wondered if I had entered the wrong room, but I knew it was the right one. As I walked out holding back tears, a nurse called out to me. “Excuse me sir, are you Anon?” I told her I was and she told me heavily that Sarah had passed away. I told her that I was aware, but had hoped to say goodbye at least. The nurse then brought me to her desk telling me that Sarah had left me something.

I saw Sarah’s Pinkie Pie lying there on the desk.

The nurse told me that shortly before Sarah died, she asked her if I had stopped by and referred to me as her brother. Sarah told her I was indeed her brother, but that I was going to see her on Halloween. Sarah passed away with Pinkie Pie in her hand, and the nurse said it felt right that I should have it as a memento.

I’ve rarely cried so hard in my life.

I’m looking at her Pinkie Pie right now, looking back at me. It’s comforting to know that this pink little pony helped get this girl through something I cannot even begin to understand or know how to deal with. All I ask, is that when you all are out trick or treating or partying on Halloween, please do so in honour of Sarah. She wasn’t a sister by blood, but she was my sister in spirit, and ponies have helped us in the darkest of times.

Love and tolerance.”



Friendship is indeed magic, bronies. Tonight I raise my celebratory Halloween glass in honor of Sarah.

-Ben Sims


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11 Responses to Some Moving Words for Halloween

  1. Cyre

    This made me shed more than one tear, thanks so much for posting this. I wish one day I can be as brave as Sarah was, and I’m glad that she could share those moments with someone who loved her so much.

  2. Oh my God, I can’t be crying harder.

    That is such a moving story. Thank you Anon for sharing this with us, and thank you Ben for posting this.

  3. anonpony

    Damn that was really sad, man.. Made me cry a little ;__;

  4. Nicolalalas

    You are a true Brony sir, not only taking the “love” in “love and tolerance” to new heights, but adding caring and compassion to the list too. This story was both sad and uplifting, and I can tell you’re doing a lot of good for the world. Just try to remember the lesson Pinkie Pie and Sarah taught us and try to keep smiling, although I know that’ll be hard right now. Keep up the good work brony, my heart goes out to you.

  5. dashpr18

    Gods I cried so much. Friendship is indeed magic ;_;

  6. Wise2304

    Wow… that was amazing. You are a god amongst men…

  7. Jazzy_Hooves

    For Sarah, and every other child out there struggling through anything, I say: Keep fighting! It’s not right that anyone should have to suffer so much, especially not a little girl! And I give my thanks to people like Anon who volunteer at their hospital to ease the pain and provide some companionship for all these children. Spread love and peace every day of the year, not just Halloween!

  8. Thunder_Wave

    This.. This made me cry really hard.
    I shared this on EVERY social thing I had an account on, Facebook, Deviantart, Skype groups, my WoW guild. The list goes on

  9. Gameshark007

    This is why Pinkie Pie is my favorite pony. She to helped me in my darkest of times.

    Its so amazing how an animated show can move mountains like this.

    I’m proud to be a brony.

  10. Sean

    What an amazing, touching story of true friendship and courage…all wrapped up in a shared love of ponies.

    I hope that, someday, I can be as good, gracious, and generous to a stranger as Anon was with Sarah.

    Bless you both.

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