Bronyville Episode 027 – Friendship, Shareholders, and Apple Juice

Dear Princess Celestia,
As shareholders in Equestria, we have several goals for this fiscal quarter. First, Apple Cider is tasked with Plaster and Floofy Hoof. From there synergy must be maintained to ensure record profits and Big Macintosh dolls. Swimlanes should be used for further discussions of episodes involving Luna. With this, our robust features will increase business across industry silos and promote further unity in our marketing segment. Also, further gains against our competitors (RBD) allow us to maintain competitive agility.

Apple Cider

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

Intro – Friendship Forever Mix by ChainAlgorithm on Youtube –

Outro – For The New Lunar Republic (Lullaby’s End Remix) by JefftheStroder –


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12 Responses to Bronyville Episode 027 – Friendship, Shareholders, and Apple Juice

  1. netbard

    So. When they brought up the idea of a MLP/Archer cross-fic, did anyone else immediately snap to Prince Blueblood as Archer? 🙂

  2. ZahleKalSatire

    Listener from germany here.
    Nice try. Applejack is best pony even in the german translation!
    I still prefer the english dub though.

    I really enjouy your podcasts, keep up the great work!
    Somewhat missed Chef though

  3. Group shot outside of Fluttershy’s place after Pinky freaks out; Scootaloo Werewolf, Sweetie Bell Dracula, Applebloom Bride Of Frankenstein (tattered red ribbon)

  4. Floofy Hoof has the best Ira Glass voice/mannerisms. And I hope Chef Sandy gets his vengeance in the next podcast, poor Rainbow Dash. Awesome episode, I laughed quite a bit! Also, I don’t know who this JefftheStroder guy is but he should totally not steal my songs 😛

  5. AC, you are the only hardcore Anti-Rainbow-Dash person I have ever heard. Congrats on the conviction, but I am still disapoint. RD is OBVIOUSLY 20% cooler than any other pony imaginable!

    • Brandonn Posted on Great episode, new linseter here, and i plan to stay tuned in.I came to your website in hopes to find some show notes so I could check out all the games you mentioned.Do you have the list posted anywhere? Or could you post it somewhere for us?Thanks!

  6. You know I figured out who you sound kinda like AC, you sound a little like Matt Groening! I can recognize his voice very well after all of those Simpsons and Futurama dvd commentaries, and you really do sound like – maybe a younger version – of him. ^^ Phew, glad I figured that out. It was bugging me. Now I can sleep.

  7. Hey guys, great show. Not gonna lie, I watched seven of your podcasts last night and got no sleep and just watched this one now. I love to hear the oppinions of other bronies and the reasurrance that I am not alone in this fandom. Oh and by the way, I love twilight, shes an inspiration, she is awesome, but in Lesson Zero I was freaked out by a long shot. Twilight is not crazy, and i would know, because i count the number of times per episode that twilight says “are you crazy?” just because she is as sane as it gets. I have a question though: What is the funniest forms of persecution you have recieved for your status of a brony. Mine is when some guy compared MLP: FiM to the levels of lameness as barny while wearing a big bird tee-shirt and having a Napoleon Dynamite hairdo.

  8. Curt

    AC, thank you for acknowledging that Luna was totally the Galactic Grand Inquisitor

  9. Great episode as always. Almost too much RDash hate, but was all in good fun. Of course, Rainbow is my least fav of the mane six so it doesn’t bother me any.

    Anyway, all your custom figure talk has inspired me to get back in the game. Used to do a bunch of (comic book) action figures and I majored in sculpting. With any luck I will soon be up to my mane in tiny plastic painted ponies.

    If all goes well I’ll even donate a custom Apple Cider and Chef Sandy to the hosts as a thank you for what they do.

  10. Naner

    Three seasons in Brazil! Yay! I watch it online, but it may end up creating more Brazilian Bronies.

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