Bronyville Episode 025 – Friendship is Magic Missile

To the fair Princess Celestia,
Greetings again. It is I your humble servant. I wish to inform you that myself and squire Sandy were recently victorious in uniting with the forces of one Roger Marsh of the Savage Worlds of My Little Pony. Within a cruller fate awaited us and nopony was prepared for exactly how the dice would roll. I implore you to listen to our missive post-haste!

Your beloved knight,
Apple Cider

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

Intro – Friendship Forever Mix by ChainAlgorithm on Youtube –

Outro – Vinyl Scratch vs Octavia –


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16 Responses to Bronyville Episode 025 – Friendship is Magic Missile

  1. Thunder_Wave

    Hooray!! A new episode!~ ♥
    Love the show :3
    /)^ 3 ^ (\

  2. Rasrap Smurf

    Speaking on Tintin, anyone remember that time he tricked a tribe into worshipping him by acting as if he was causing an eclipse?

    …well maybe Celestia and Luna are pulling the same thing!

  3. Chris B.

    Yes! At least I’m not the only one looking for Eris references in the past two shows. I even checked the apples when Applejack went gray for even a frame with Greek lettering or even just a K on at least one of them. Although the Mane 6 do fit in the Law of Fives. 2X3=6 2+3=5. As well as Dischord where it’s 2 to the 3rd power.


  4. Dinozar415

    Uuugh new Bronyville or new RT podcast? Sorry Roosterteeth….Bronyville it is!

  5. Windchaser

    WHAT. How in the world did my fic get on here?! I’m not upset or anything, but wow! Was not expecting to hear my story!

  6. RussianBrony

    All I can say:
    Another great show.

  7. I wonder if it hurts Spike to send attached files through the air.

  8. Apsuenbwyfer11

    for the movie?

    on a cross and arrow

    ’nuff said

  9. NightBrony

    When do you guys usually record so I can send in my email at the right time for either this weeks or next weeks show..?

    • AppleCider

      We usually record on Saturdays and I end up pulling together the information for the google docs on Fridays. Thats probably the best time.

      • NightBrony

        Awww, dang. I wish I could’ve sent in my email. If I send one to the corresponding address, can I actually get a personal reply from both of you. Its about a few things including both an OC pony of mine, Fanfics, and the levels of being a brony or fan of MLP. I’d also be okay if one of you read it on the show.

        Thanks again for making a show like this possible.

  10. Barisaxy

    Hey guys, I just wanted to pop in and say thanks for doing this show, it’s pretty great! Fairly certain that me being a brony would upset my parents too, so I know where you’re coming from! Well, that’s me finished, and I love the show guys!

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