Bronyville Episode 023 – Friendship Is The New Rainbow Dash

Dear Princess Celestia,
Sometimes, someponies do things they don’t intend. Like having some crazy mixed up dragon thing touch your head and derp you into pouring all your cider into the river. Yeah, regretting that. I got better. And with Chef and John Joseco on the show to talk about art and the whole Return of Harmony thingy. I guess in the end I made the world, or at least the stream running by the brewery, a little more sweet.

Apple Cider

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

Intro – Friendship Forever Mix by ChainAlgorithm on Youtube –

Outro – Griffin Village – Summer (Lyra and Bon Bon) by JackleApp –


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6 Responses to Bronyville Episode 023 – Friendship Is The New Rainbow Dash

  1. QuillDipper

    Ah, so thats why that river water made me dizzy.

    Looks like a great episode. Can’t wait to listen.

  2. Thunder_Wave

    Are you guys making these episodes progressively longer?

    Pretty soon you guys will have 4 hour podcasts twice weekly XD

    Follower since the start~ *Epic Brohoof~*

  3. Kvb

    Okay, I need to point this out right now, because this mistake really bothers me whenever anyone makes it;
    Return of Harmony was never, ever supposed to be the end of Season 1. It was made at the end of season 1, to be the season 2 opener, to keep the staff busy so they wouldn’t get hired up by someplace else. It is exactly what it was always intended to be.
    *Ahem* Sorry about that.

    Anyway, the episodes have actually been growing on me. At first I was reluctantly critical, but after watching them again I realized there was quite a lot to like. The discorded ponies were fun and interesting to watch play out, and Discord himself was an amazing villain. I really hope we haven’t seen the last of him.
    I do still think both episodes feel rather rushed. The story simply seemed too epic to be contained in two 22-minute episodes.

  4. filledwithsolutions

    The gender swap episode of adventure has already aired. heres the only link I found to watch it online
    The ending fits in kind of nicely with one of your segments.

    About the Return of Harmony I gotta disagree with you guys. I found them to be among the strongest episodes, part 1 especially. All the ponies had really good scenes that fit them quite well, except Applejack, and even she had the apple creatures. Sure I would have loved more time with Ponies and for Pinkie to have a song, but what do you guys suggest they cut to make time? Dont forget one of the major complaints is how rushed it felt, now imagine cutting 10 minutes and throwing in flash backs and a song. Discord got way more time than Nightmare moon did, and Im glad they gave it to him. In all honesty he will likely never be back, and it was nice to have the antagonist present unlike the pilot. Ive seen grumbling about his demise but its seems clear that he was simply brought down by his own hubris, and it’s not like there was any logical way for him to co-exist with the ponies.

    As far as judging them based on how a newcomer might view them, I dont think anybody would throw their hands up in frustration because they couldnt follow the plot. Sure they didnt exactly explain Rarity being generous, but if you decide to jump into a show blindly at episode 26, then you should expect to maybe miss a few subtle nuances. Also from what Ive seen the pilot episodes arent seen as a good place to start if you are trying to convince a friend to watch the show so why judge the season 2 opener based on criteria that the season 1 opener fails at.

    Honestly I feel like about the only way they could have made this story line better would have been to extend it. As a fan of the show I know how subjective taste can be, but Im not sure how this new season will ever be able to satisfy people who werent happy with these 2 episodes.

    Now that Ive written that rambling nonsense I know Apple Cider is reading this in his mock nerd voice

  5. Zeeth_Kyrah

    I’ll just point out something I saw elsewhere: Applejack was the one who told Discord things were fixed. If she had been more prominent visually when she said it, I think the point would have been clearer to the audience.

  6. Anonpony

    During the MAREathon one of the storyboard artists said that she thought the Discord episodes were going to be straight-to-video releases and not part of season 2 so I dont know if everybody wasnt informed, or if either Jason or the storyboarder is misremembering things
    I would just say take the story that this was always meant to be the opening of season 2 with a grain of salt
    (Sorry if this double posts)

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