Bronyville Episode 022 – Friendship In Dream Valley

Dear Princess Celestia,

Sometimes ponies leave you hanging, but its ok since we’re both experienced interviewers. Apple Cider was moving this week, but I was able to handle the episode just fine. All by myself! I’m a big pony now.

This week I talked with some amazing people who are making a game titled “The Fiends From Dream Valley”, a side scrolling flash game. It looks pretty neat and they gave out some really cool info from their upcoming project.

Chef Sandy

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

Intro – Friendship Forever Mix by ChainAlgorithm on Youtube –

Outro – Call Upon the Seaponies! SHOO BE DOO


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  1. [](/b36)

    Generation X? Do you say that only because Generation X is the parents/grandparents of the target audience (Generation Z?)

  2. cornllama

    Hey guys! Ask Suprise gave you a shout-out on tumblr. Just thought you’d like to know if you didn’t already since you’ve brought her up a few times.

  3. So… did you tie him up in YOUR basement this time?

    Very charismatic guests. 😀 can wait for their finished product.

  4. James

    I have a somewhat solid recommendation for a fan fic (the somewhat being a tad subjective to tastes.) its called On A Cross and Arrow. its a highly rated fan fic on EQ Daily and it works on the idea of the mane 6 being transported to another dimension where they interact with genderflipped versions of themselves. highlights include Twilight beliving Pinkie Pie meeting and interacting with her counterpart Bubble Berry would implode the universe.

    Applejack (Both male and female [yes the writer has them going by the same name}) catching the eye of Dash (Malejack,) and Rainbow Blitz (Dash’s Male double) (Femalejack) to rather humorous ends and it has an impending sequel featuring Applebuck (Apple Bloom’s male counterpart) winding up in the mostly female ponyville

  5. Zeeth_Kyrah

    So I finally looked in your show notes for the first time ever and noticed, you didn’t put in a link to the game! So I looked up the website, only to discover it’s a placeholder waiting for content. Then I looked up the YouTube channel (ModBerp) and learned nothing new had been posted there in a month.

    I guess I’d better listen to the podcast and discover if anything was mentioned there!

  6. Kvb

    Since pony-content on TGWTG came up, I’d like to point out CR has started a My Little Pony Retrospective. His show is pretty good in general. I recommend it.
    It usually revolves around interesting side-characters, so I’m expecting him to dedicate an episode to Derpy Hooves in the future.

  7. Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for the podcast. I’ve been following it since about episode 6 or 7, and I always try to listen while I edit manga scans; it definitely numbs the pain of mindless cleaning, typesetting, and redrawing when you have something to focus your other senses on.

    You probably wouldn’t be surprised, but there’s a decent sized MLP fanbase among anime fans. I think the transition from slice of life and cute “moe” shows in anime, to what MLP:FIM season 1 generally focuses on, isn’t really a difficult one to make. You sort of get accustomed to the cutesy antics in those shows beforehand, and plenty of adult men are already watching cartoons aimed at the little girl demographic where they too be the outliers (i.e. Pretty Cure). Because of all this, it’s remarkably easy to convert avid anime watchers into MLP fans, I’ve done it to quite a few friends.

  8. filledwithsolutions

    You guys gotta work episode discussion back into your format

  9. Deretto

    Please make sure your guests have watched the latest episodes so you can talk about it!

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