Quotes from the Fandom #12, “The Brony Generation” Edition; Monday, August 29th, 2001

Today, some helpful words from a fellow Ponychan poster.


“In the brief time that I’ve been here on ponychan, I’ve witnessed miracles. To coin a phrase, even if it hasn’t made the lame walk and the blind see, it’s made the shy talk and the bitter squee.

It strikes me that a lot of the people here are from my generation, the “internet generation”, and are well acquainted with bitterness, shyness and friendlessness. In the past, some of us have flamed, some of us have lurked silently, but most of use have come to the internet seeking distraction and comfort, never really hoping for actual joy, but wishing deep in the back of our minds that there was a better way. And then ponies came along. It didn’t have to be ponies, but they were the right catalyst at the right time, and here we are.

I have in my own time been about as cynical as they come. I’ve gotten worse at trusting people as the years have gone by. I’ve seen movements on the internet and in real life that have brought people passion and joy for a while, but they always get poisoned by selfishness and people who take themselves too seriously. When the cynic in me sees a post on here that seems sappy, or painfully honest, or controversial, I sit back and wait for the parasprites to show up… and they almost never do. This is what I call a miracle. I don’t fully understand what’s happening yet, but I think it’s worth reflecting on.

Those of us who can relate to what I’m saying are in the process of changing ourselves, the internet, and the world, in the only way things like that ever really change for the better – by looking at the “small” picture, taking life a day at a time, and thinking of others. Our little revolution is pretty much the easiest revolution ever, because it doesn’t require us to do anything we aren’t already doing. We’re like scientists, discovering joy and friendship as if for the first time, and I encourage you all to be bold, experiment, and learn everything you can about it!

Friendship really is about as close to magic as we come. The combination of fun, trust, compassion, generosity, and all the other loving things that go with it – they are freakishly powerful. In the right circumstances, they can change the course of an entire life in the blink of an eye. Sometimes they can send mental and even physical illnesses into remission. They can create order from chaos, heal wounds we thought would never go away, and they always hold unexpected truths no matter how much somepony already knows.

MLP:FiM won’t be with us forever, but I hope from the bottom of my heart that its influence will. Here are some little things we can do here and now to help that happen:
– Keep creating art, music, stories, and all this wonderful stuff that brings joy to other bronies!
– When you feel pain or fear, do your best to “giggle at the ghostie”. (But if you can’t, we’re here for you.)
– It takes bravery, but try to think the best of people. If somepony hurts you, try to make peace with them, or at least, try not to act spitefully. (Again, we’re here for you if you need to vent. Sometimes people really are cruel and can’t be reached with empathy.)
– MAKE FRIENDS WITH BRONIES IN REAL LIFE. I think this is the most important point. A lot of us are eager to try out the principles of friendship that we’ve learned, and we’ve got a ton of people here to do it with. For science! (Try searching for “bronies” on meetup.com.)
– Do something generous for a non-brony friend. I recommend baked goods.

I love you all! Over and out.”

-Inkwell (ponychan)


See you all next week!


-Ben Sims

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  1. Zephyr

    Just going to say here what I said on Ponychan, ‘Quotes from the Fandom’ selects only the purest examples of what it means to be a Brony, to care for one another, to help each other and deleivers it to us on a weekly basis.
    (I also kinda want a post of mine to be on here one day, which I guess is a really good incentive to help and care for people, eh?)

    I missed the thread that this post was in, but now I have read it and it has given me chills and plenty to think about. I’m gonna use the description of ‘MLP was just a catalyst’ to describe bronyism to my friends!

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