Quote From the Fandom #11, “You Matter” Edition, August 22nd, 2011

Today, a small speech from a dear friend of mine.

So what’s your deal? Why do so many of you refuse to admit your own worth? No, seriously. Most of the people here that I like and find to be both kind, interesting and clever are completely incapable of seeing these things themselves. These things, which are so painfully obvious to me are somehow eluding them. You know who you are. Looking across the place, it becomes obvious to me that this does not just apply to the people I consider friends here. Far too many of you are unable to accept your own merits, ignoring them in favour of the bad sides. I mean, sure. We all have our flaws. That’s just a fact of life. But everyone has their merits as well. Everyone.

Some of you might say that you are useless, that you don’t have anything to contribute with. I call bullshit. If this was the case, people here would not bother talking to you. By saying that, you are insulting those people, you are implying that they are stupid for not realising that you are not worth talking to. So stop that. There is always someone who cares about you. Even if you don’t realise it, I can assure you that there would be at least one person on the site who was sad to see you go.

Why am I saying this? Simple. It’s for your own health. Negative thoughts actually lead to a decrease in health. Did you know this? That is largely irrelevant, really. You do now. So now you also know that by deprecating yourself, you are not just being mean to yourself, which in and of itself, is bad enough. You are also being mean to those who like you and ruining your own physical health. Well, isn’t that silly? Why would you do that? Not out of malice, I know, but still. Keep this in mind.

I won’t claim that everyone is amazing, because that is not the case. We are all just people. But a community consists of people like that. We all have something to contribute with, no matter how insignificant it may seem. If you feel that you are useless, if you feel like leaving this place, you need to stop and think for a second. Are you absolutely sure that you are doing the right thing by leaving a community that cares about you? Can it really be true that you are worthless and unlikable if people still like you? Are those people simply deluded? And if you think so, my next question would be if you enjoy their company? Because I hear that being around deluded people isn’t all that fun.

In essence, you need to get over yourself. I know that’s a harsh way of putting it, but you need to realise the value of yourself and your own actions. Self-pity is not gonna help anyone. Not you, not anyone else. Don’t feel like your opinions matter? Bullshit. Your opinions matter just as much as anyone else’s. That’s why you have the same posting privileges as them, after all. So please, people. Please realise your own worth for once. Please accept the fact that others like you because you are worth liking. Please.

-Whelp-EfVeritas (Ponychan)


Don’t ever believe that your voice doesn’t carry weight. Stay strong, my fellow bronies. The new season is just ’round the corner, I can feel it! I love you all, and, as always,


-Ben Sims

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  1. QuillDipper

    My day has been complete crap. Migranes, annoying trolls, sack-o-shit friends.

    But this. This little speech here. It actually made me happy I woke up today. Thanks man.

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