Battling the Big Break

The season end makes us all sad, Sweetie Bell.

The season end makes us all sad, Sweetie Bell.

Well that’s it for now, my fellow bronies. A full season has come and gone. What began in October 2010 as a humble reboot of a popular toy line has ended here in March, now blazing in full glory, and dragging along with it a massive fanbase that’s high on ponies and salivating for more. But it seems that now we’ll have to wait a while for more new episodes as the production team gears up to start work on the second season. And let us not forget the news that Lauren Faust has officially stepped down from the production team, a startling announcement that has left some of our fellow bronies reeling in shock. More than a few fans posting in Equestria Daily and Ponychan have expressed some fears that the fandom may falter during this long pause in the show.

They fear that, with no new official content, people might leave the fandom out of boredom, and not return when the new season airs in December.

I fully realize that I am not the first to address this situation, nor will I be the last. I also realize that AppleCider and his expert team of podcasters have discussed this subject at length in their last couple of episodes, so I won’t patronize you by summarizing their views. This is just my little two cents; A few words of encouragement for the fandom so that we can see this big break through to the end

It’s important to remember, first, that ponies will never die. As long as there is the promise of new episodes, there will always be Bronies. So, stay strong, keep faith, and most importantly,

Don’t Stop Believing!

We’ve always put our faith in the MLP:FiM production team knowing that, without a doubt, they would always bring us the best possible show they could. And not once have they failed us. Since the beginning of the show all those months ago, we have enjoyed twenty-six full pony-packed episodes that have made us laugh, cry, and in some cases, shudder (Party of One, do I really need to explain? Creepy, creepy). There is no reason for them to throw it away now, and I doubt even Hasbro would be so clumsy as to mishandle the show at this point. They know full well the kind of following they’ve created.

And with the promise of a new line of toys coming to the US soon, American Bronies like myself might all be able to adorn our living spaces with delightfully adorable figures! I myself have a cute small plastic Applejack living on top of my computer screen.

So let’s put our faith in Hasbro and the pony production team!

But of course, it’s not good enough just to pray and wait. We have to take it upon ourselves to help nurture the fandom and that takes me to my second point….

Contribute to the Fandom!

I can’t stress this enough. A fandom dies when its fans no longer take part in it. So during this long break, don’t let your interest wane. Post on Ponychan and visit Equestria Daily on a regular basis. Don’t hesitate to join in discussions and chat rooms, there will always be things to talk about. Discuss the show, discuss the next season, even discuss fanworks. And, if you’re daring enough, take part in the fanart/fanfiction side of the community. Read and review some of the stories, and look at all the pretty drawings (man there are some really good artists out there!).

And if you find that you have some talent in you, don’t hesitate to post your own work! Not that you should throw up every little pencil sketch and 300-word oneshot you write, but there is no reason why your voice shouldn’t be heard. During this break it will be on us, the fans, to keep up the momentum. And what better way to do that then to flex our creative muscles and pump out some pony stories of our own?

And lastly, but perhaps most importantly, we must all strive our best to…

Share the Love!

There are people out there who (Le’ gasp!) have not discovered the joys of the latest My Little Pony show. It is up to us, as it has always been, to be constantly introducing new viewers to our favorite cartoon. So invite your friends and family, your room mates and classmates, and anyone you think who might learn to love the show, to sit with you and watch ponies.

I myself am constantly trying to show my friends the show. My room mate managed to convert the episodes we got from iTunes to a format that could be read on a PS3 and every Friday we marathon ponies in 1080p on our HDTV. I try to bring a different person each time. And nearly every time we’ve come away from that night with a new brony in tow, ready to take the fandom head on and participate in discussions, write fanfiction, and in a few cases, draw awesome fanart.

So in short, what we really need to do is just

Keep doing what we’ve always done.

Continue to be the best fandom you can be.

Keep being those dependable, fan-squealing, pony-loving, toy-buying, fanfic-writing, fanart-drawing Bronies that I have come to know and love. Because I guarantee that if we stay the course, then no matter how long the break, we will all still be here. And believe me when I say, that as far as I’m concerned, we’re going to see this break through to the end. We’ll come bursting out the other end of that long dark tunnel with shining smiles plastered on our faces, friendship and rainbows firmly clasped in one hand, and ponies in the other.

Well, that’s all for me at the moment. I’ll leave you guys with a humble goodbye, and….

*internet brohoof*

See you on the other side.

-Ben Sims

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  1. Well, i think you guys shouldn’t worry about that, several fans already took in their hands, i should i say hoofs, the mission of keeping the fandom active during the break. I for example start a comic compilation project and sevel other projects pop up all the time, and if at least 1/3 of them live up to its promises i’m pretty sure we ill have a lot to talk about until the next season.

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