Quotes from the Fandom #9, “Letter to the Brony Community” Edition, August 8th, 2011

A few days ago, this letter popped up on Ponychan. Despite my efforts to bump the thread it was in, it died with few reads and fewer responses. This was a massive shame to me, because the poster had quite a bit to say. So I’m reprinting it here, in the hopes that more people will see it.

“In times of hardship, in times of fear, doubt, anger, and turmoil; it is easy to get lost in thought about how much wrong there is in this world sometimes. War, greed, death, fraud, dishonesty; It can get depressing, it can make things seem difficult, and it can also make people wonder why we should even bother. It can be damaging to trust, to love, and to hope. However, what many take for granted are the great things in this world that make everyday worth not only surviving through, but to live through, to look around, feel the presence of these things and to dive into the euphoric state of happiness that comes from it. Babies born to new parents, the charities of many from big names of good will, to a single person handing a dollar or sandwich to another; The strive towards new technology and the strive towards bringing peace throughout all of mankind. Even something as simple as looking outside at the clear blue sky can bring somepony a simple pleasure.

And another beautiful thing is community, and this one is by far the most amazing one I have seen in my years on this earth, where not only does the mass of the audience break societal norms by watching a show based on a little girls toy line, but also learn from it the values and love that come from it. Day in and day out, it seems as though more feel inclined to break their former shell and open up to new feeling and new thought. I’ve seen people give unto others pure kindness and helpful comments with no sense of sarcasm or any “OP is a coltcuddler” to be seen. They put faith into their friends and in return get kindness, something that so few communities in general, much less fandoms, ever see at all. Even when they get openly betrayed or scammed, most of you come off with the attitude of “at least I tried my best”. That act of putting others before yourself is a beautiful thing, and you have attained that with flying colors. Do not ever change that, not ever!

Regardless of who a person is, or what they have done, you have also shown great patience and forgiveness for them. People who screw up and betray others typically do not find any forgiveness anywhere, however here they are reassured that they can be forgiven and always do, even though it may not be immediately. Value of mercy promotes good in this world, showing any and all that no matter what they have done, they can bring themselves back and achieve friendship, love, and a chance to start again from their mistakes and their past. Another beautiful thing about this fandom that brings joy and thoughts of great things to me for this fandom to come.

Others disagree with me however. They view this place and what you are doing is wrong, that helping eachother and bringing joy and love to people, accepting many things including OC, shipping, and disregarding hateful things; as a detriment to your fandom. They view it as being a hugbox, promoting only blind love and bringing you down a path that will doom you all. However, ask yourselves, do you feel as though your love is blind? Do you feel as though you have taken a step too far with this fandom by allowing people the creative freedom to make their own characters and allowing their imagination to flow openly?

If you ask me, you have nothing to apologize for, nothing to feel ashamed of. If anything you should be proud of what you have here. Be proud that you can look at another poster, give him criticism, but give him a hug afterwards. And be honest, look at the people who mock you for these things. Do they support eachother? Do they not bring contempt and anger from others by being the way they are? Is it not more of a spit to the face of the fandom to bring only contempt and hatred towards these values, then to uphold what you love, and to ignore what you don’t like? Do you want to conform to anything like that like 4chan or anywhere else? Now I do not hate these people, I only pity them for falling into the pitfall of many fandoms like it, too scared to become like another fandom that they end up ruining themselves in the process. Because their fear and their contempt only works to destroy themselves.

So in the end, I cannot thank you enough for existing. I cannot thank you enough for all the love you give, and the beauty that you have brought to the world. Each person in here who leaves their computer feeling better about themselves is another life made easier, even for a second, and that love can and will spread elsewhere. I love MLP, but I love the community even more. You are great, you have potential, and you have touched my heart, and the hearts of many.

Thank you.”



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Ben Sims
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  1. Shasharala

    Awesome! ^^
    That actually made me feel tons better.

  2. Quill Dipper

    Wow, thanks for posting that. I dont think I saw it when it was on ponychan

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