Equestria Daily!

Hey gang, thanks for stopping by to see the site. Not sure who linked us over to EQ but we knew it was either going to be us a few episodes down the road or someone was going to give us away. Not that I mind at all – great to have a bunch of new listeners and friends to talk about our latest obsession hobby.

The two newest episodes are below so please check them out. RSS feed is on the left or by clicking this here link. I submitted the podcast to Apple last night so if you are an iTunes user you can expect to see the show appear there within the next few days. I will likely make a big push with a few sites in the next few weeks to spike iTunes traffic in our favor and give the podcast and the MLP:FiM community a boost in the TV channel on iTunes. More on that when it comes.

From myself, Chef, and the rest of our rotating list of panelists – thank you!


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  1. Sam

    is the name “my little podcast”?

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