Link’n: Diamond Dogs Podcast

I’m always willing to offer a helping hoof to any on the community and especially ones that are in the same realm as Bronyville. Equestria Daily ran a news article a few days back about the Diamond Dogs Podcast. Going to give those guys the customary first listen and the ED patrions seem to agree that the second episode is better. Here’s to hoping the same for us.

Oh, and DD guys. We’re the Big Macintosh to your Applejack. We did post several days before you. Just sayin’. 🙂

Diamond Dogs Podcast


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2 Responses to Link’n: Diamond Dogs Podcast

  1. Grim

    Hey, Grim from the DD podcast here, and your podcast is brilliant. The editing’s much better than ours, and you guys seem more charismatic than us boring Brits. Still, I hope we don’t get too competitive! Thanks for the link, you guys are great.

  2. SteeleCratos here from the DD podcast as well, I had a listen to your podcast and my goodness I am jealous of your editing skills. Same with what Grim said, I hope we don’t get too competitive and all! One more thing, if you could be so kind, could you perhaps put up a link to our website as well? We’ll do the same with yours.

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