Bronyville Episode 193 – Friendship Is A Day-Old French Fry

Dear Princess Celestia,

Bronyville Oktoberfest chugs right along this week as we get to spend some time with the one and only,  Marÿke Hendrikse!   Marÿke lends her voice(s) to the nefariously adorable Sonata Dusk as well as the infamous Gilda. She jumps right in with the crew to chat about everything from sports and food, to the predatory instincts of griffins.  Also in this episode, we go on about the latest Equestria Girls movie, Friendship Games.  (Spolier alert: we liked it.)  And when that’s all said and done, Sandy, Alpha and I meet up with an old buddy of mine to hunt some zombies and end up saving a garden gnome in the process, links included at the bottom.  It was quite a weekend.

Your faithful student,
Five Iron


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