Bronyville Episode 156 – Friendship Revamped

Dear Princess Celestia,

We’re back! You couldn’t get rid of us that long! Yes, we’ve taken a little time reworking things over here at HorseRadioPrime with some fun announcements – our friends Five Iron and Alpha are now joining us as new hosts! Also Scope who is a long time friend and aficionado of the Dukes of Hazzard will join us as a panelist / guy yelling in the background it seems.

Anyway! This week in our new, revamped, and still very much under remodeling show we bring on Board Superbrony64 and Blue to talk about the upcoming open play day for Legends of Equestria! Then we bring in Cyril and Bashscript to cover the topic – how friendship is magic and not having arguments of the internet about your religious views. Fun!

Oh no, the fun virus has gotten to me too. This is what happens when I bring Five Iron on full time. Eeeesh. Benefit – now he is also to blame when the episode is slow to air. Hooray!


Apple Cider


PS – I left you a doc linky here

PPS – Song of the day is Pizza Day by the Aquabats

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