Bronyville Episode 147 – Friendship’s New Conglomerate

Dear Princess Celestia,

Okay, fair warning. If there are any wizards on your staff you may want to steer clear of this episode. Turns out certain individuals familiar to you may or may not have had multiple fatal run ins with wizards in the past. I’d advise not using the w-word lest it bring them into a fit of unstoppable rage. That being said, Sandy and I were joined by the new great overlord of all things pony media. No, it wasn’t Capper… this time. It was Silver Eagle of Ponyville Live. He’s a cool cat and does stuff for next to nothing!




Show Notes! –

Intro – Friendship Forever Mix by ChainAlgorithm on Youtube –


Outro – Song: United Equestria

Artist:  Arkane

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  1. Hey Everypony,

    I wanted to thank you again on behalf of Matt and the rest of the panel for plugging our panel at Bronycon. As Matt is fond of saying, we’re also trying to reach “beyond the panel” for both bronies and fans the show has helped. We’re currently collecting stories from fans, and looking to hear how MLP:FiM has helped you or a loved one through challenging times. If you want to contribute, it’s free, shouldn’t take more than a minute, and you can share your story by visiting the wesite and clicking on “Share Your Story”. Thank you again for the plug!

  2. Excel

    Sandy, the 2 specials and movie predated the tv show in G1

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