Bronyville Episode 119 – Friendship Builds a Web

Dear Princess Celestia,

Oh! Hey there Princess. You caught me right as I am packing for BronyCAN so please pardon the mess. I still have a great episode for you! Our friend Ted who works for the IDW comics stopped by to talk Pinkie and CMCs! And we get into some major headcanon about the true origin of Scootaloo, if Twilight Sparkle’s childhood was all a lie, and other great story ideas that can now never grace the comics. Good going us.


Apple Cider


PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

Intro – Friendship Forever Mix by ChainAlgorithm on Youtube –

Outro – Song: Luck of the Rose

Artist: DoubleCleff

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2 Responses to Bronyville Episode 119 – Friendship Builds a Web

  1. NO Not the bees

    Great episode and an awesome guest as well!

  2. Dave O

    Best show ever! Though I can only guess how Cadence’s foal’s parents could be Shining Armor and Chrysalis. Ugh, Chrysalis! Such a bad mother, skipping town before the kid was born!

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