Bronyville Episode 113 – Friendship Sees All

Dear Princess Celestia,

Hey Princess! It’s Wednesday and we’ve got another edition of the Bronyville Podcast. I am your host Apple Cider. Chef Sandy repping it up along side Silver Eagle and Borg of Ponyville Live and the beard himself – Bob. It’s pony videography talk alongside more EQG news, Pinkie comics, and email shenanigans.


Apple Cider

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

Intro – Friendship Forever Mix by ChainAlgorithm on Youtube –

Outro – Song: Luna’s Nightmare

Artist: Cyril

Linky linky:

RIP Ryan Davis – You will be missed

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  1. NO Not the bees

    Oh man, why’d you have to remind me of Ryan Davis? I’m sad now 🙁

    But yeah, good podcast. I think these guys warrant being repeat guests. Really funny and energetic people.

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