Bronyville Podcast Special – Equestria Girls Spoilercast

Hello again everypony!

The tides of the teenage human army is upon us! Fear not! For Sandy and I have seen the waves of these teen-aged fleshy fingered creatures! We shall fight them with the one weapon for which they cannot defend – opinions! Beware those who enter as we will spoil the pants off of Equestria Girls, give you our impressions, and tell you if it’s work heading to the theater 100 miles away (or 160.934 km) to glimpse upon our fleshy princess.

Much thanks to Timmowarner for capturing the audio from the stream after a technical whoopsie.

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  1. Niels Olof Bouvin

    I heard the beginning of the episode up to and including the frank admission that one of you had seen EqG, not at the theatre, but through other means, and stopped right there. Seriously, guys? I do not listen to the show, nor do I support you financially so that you can promote piracy. You stand as a voice of reason and calm in what can quite often be a tempestuous fandom, and as such you usually are an example for others. Suggesting through your actions that Hasbro and the fine folks at DHX should not be fairly compensated for producing a movie is hardly keeping the higher moral ground.

    I have not seen EqG (living in Europe has its limitations in this regard), but I have preordered it from Amazon, and will await its eventual arrival on these shores before I pass any judgement on its merits.

    (While getting access to that sweet pony fix for non-USians is a mite more challenging than need be, it is by no means impossible to get, e.g., an American iTunes account and in this fashion satisfy the need for pony while paying Hasbro and DHX what is rightfully theirs).

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