Bronyville Podcast Episode 100 Megashow!


Dear Princess Celestia,

We made it! 100 episodes! Do you know way back when I first stated posting the show someone thought I was crazy for starting with two leading zeroes? Hah! Who implemented proper podcast planning? And as long as we don’t plan on doing the podcast for anothee 16 years we shouldn’t have to worry about hitting 1k.

We had an amazing time and I want to first thank all of our amazing fans who thought the years have encouraged us and been ever so generous to us. This show was simply a ounce of the appreciate we’ve given for your continued support for us. So again, thank you. I also want to thank all of our awesome guests in the past including all the guest guests this episode – Sibsy, Dustykat, Pixelkitties, IDWs Ted Anderson, Brony Thank You Fund’s Coder Brony, EQDs Phoe, Mbulsht, EQDs Cereal Velocity, PK, Amy Keating Rodgers, Susannah from Mysterious Comic Company #4, Poni1Kenobi, Sethisto, Dennis Hu, Midnight Shadow, Emdefmek, and DHNs Gendid. And thanks to all of you who showed up and played with us!

Finally, the entire show was recorded and should be uploaded soon. I will provide the video links once they have been chopped up and are available.


Apple Cider


PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

Intro – Friendship Forever Mix by ChainAlgorithm on Youtube –


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  1. Piquo

    18 minuites… sad.

  2. durrem

    What happened to this?

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