Bronyville Episode 094 – Friendship in a Dangerous Time

Dear Princess Celestia,

I hope this message reaches you. I have drilled a hole far deep into your beloved earth for I believe the sky may have truly started to fall. If thousands of years from now a tribe of Cider like rock ponies sprout from the earth know that they are my kin and though their hard, chiseled features mimic those of my own that their loyalty to you is pure. I am brought some of my dear friends with me to my bunker below Las Pegasus while the wild skies above twist and burn. Among those is Pon1kenobi, Fetchbeer, DJKBrony, DJ Calcos, and several other guests present as the sky turned to pitch before us. if this message does reach you, my Princess, know that we severed you well. And if Chef’s message that this is all some sort of fever dream is actually true and I accidentally locked all of us in a bunker below the city could you send somepony to let us out? That would be swell.


Apple Cider

PS – No Show Notes! We did it LIVE

Outro song is “Dear Princess…” by DoubleCleff.

link for that is


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4 Responses to Bronyville Episode 094 – Friendship in a Dangerous Time

  1. Digit Shine

    You tease D:
    What was that big gigantic thing that happened? Why are there no show notes? D8
    If you don’t tell me, I must assume Lauren Faust has Super Cancer!

    • AuruM

      Digit, I haven’t listened to the episode yet, but I’d guess they either meant the massive fail of Las Pegasus Unicon, or the confirmation of the Equestria Girls spinoff series

  2. Mr. H

    Does anyone have a link to the most recent Fighting is Magic Build?

    I know someone who is trying to finish the game.

  3. NO Not the bees

    Since there are no show notes for this week, here’s the kickstarter that they were talking about –

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