Bronyville Episode 092 – Friendship Is Quantifiable!

Dear Princess Celestia,
Before I get any angry letters – yes, I understand Australia is a wonderful land full of happiness. It also is a land where everything is actively working to poison and/or eat me. I have enough trouble making it out of Sandy’s Prickly Pear Patch. Anyway, howdy! Sandy and I had Coder Brony on to talk some about statistics. Also, the fandom melted down into a molten form. Once it hardens we can sell all all the metal for novelty wristwatches. Hooray!

Apple Cider

PS – Show notes can be found on the following Google Doc.

Intro – Friendship Forever Mix by ChainAlgorithm on Youtube –

Outro – Song: Allons-y (Mush Remix)
Artist: Mush
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6 Responses to Bronyville Episode 092 – Friendship Is Quantifiable!

  1. The Mare wasn’t fine on the train. She was in a terrible mood. This reinforces her claustrophobia.

  2. Anon

    I saw the new episode uploaded yesterday and was taken down promptly. Sup with that?

  3. inspectornills

    Target has a princess pack that contains Celestia, Luna and Cadence. Just thought you might like to know.

  4. durrem

    They accidentally posted episode 92 again as 93.

  5. 3of7

    So, does anyone know when the 93 will be up? Or is it now lost in the æther?

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